Aggregated search results page

We are proudly presenting the new aggregated search results page - Better and faster then ever before! 

So, what are the new features? 

  • the search is up to 10 times quicker!
  • the results for external boards are now aggregated to a similar format making it easier to browse the results
  • the selected external boards' results now appear in tabbed view!
  • results that have been viewed previously in a specific search will now grey out, so you know that you have already seen particular potential candidate:

  • It's now really easy to add candidates to a vacancy or to your talent pool:

  • You can now add multiple candidates to a vacancy or your talent pool!

Finally, we wanted to let you know we've re-positioned the "sort by" button slightly. Here is its current position:

And we're not done yet! There are more search improvements on the way! Stay tuned!

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