How to Set Up Your Volcanic Website in idibu

If your website is running a Volcanic engine then great news - you don't have to exclusively connect your website with our system because we already have an integration with the whole engine in place.


Here is what you need to do to get your Volcanic website ready for posting:
1. Subscribe to the Volcanic job board. 
You do this by accessing Settings --> Board Subscriptions and searching for "Volcanic". Then you just hit the "Subscribe" button.
2. Enter your website's details.
You just need to enter your website's main URL and the API Key that you can obtain from your Volcanic account manager. Please make sure to include the http:// or https:// part of the URL. 
Client Token is an optional field that most usually you will not need - it's mostly used to post on behalf of a particular website's user.
3. Click the "Save Board Settings" button at the bottom of the page.


If applicable, you can adjust the other settings on the page before saving. See 'Additional Options' below.

Additional Options

There are some additional options you can also set. Post Duration is one option many clients will alter, but we would advise reviewing all options. 

Additional fields 

If your Volcanic website uses fields like...
  • Job Function
  • Key Locations
  • Featured Job should ensure that none of them are marked as 'hidden'. If they are required, then ensure that 'required' is selected: 
For any other custom fields that your website has, please contact us and get us in touch with your Volcanic account manager to arrange for these to be added. 

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