How do I install the Chrome Extension?

You can download and install the idibu chrome extension in a couple of simple steps. At the risk of stating the obvious, the extension is only available to use with the Google Chrome Browser. If you don't have the Chrome Browser installed then you can download it here.

To install the chrome extension

1. When you have opened your Chrome Browser, click this link to open the idibu chrome extension page in the chrome store. 

2. You will see the page below appear, and simply need to click 'Add to Chrome'.

3. A pop up message will appear clarifying how the extension works with your browser. Click 'Add extension'.

4. You will see a confirmation message pointing to the white 'id' icon for the chrome extension in the top right corner of your browser. 

5. When you click the icon again you will be prompted to log in with your idibu account details. 

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