Recruit on Demand

Recruit OnDemand

At the click of a button you can engage direct help in both searching for, and screening candidates. There are different levels of service available, depending on your need.  The choice is yours.

For example, you can simply request a long list of candidates pro-actively sourced for you, or if your resources are tight, you can opt for personal screening and short listing.

How to use the service

You can access Recruit OnDemand via the ‘Outsource’ area on the left hand panel, or from the ‘actions’ drop down in the top right corner of your vacancy

Clicking Outsourced recruitment from either area will launch a pop-up screen for you to complete the initial details of your requirement.

Using the drop down fields in the pop-up box:

  1. Select the vacancy you require help with
  2. The service you require
  3. How many candidates you want sourcing for the vacancy
  4. Click ‘ADD DETAILS’

This will launch the next pop-up screen, where you can provide detailed information regarding the profiling of suitable candidates.

Once this information has been completed the details will be sent through to the Recruit OnDemand team, and one of them will contact you to complete the order.

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