eBoss integration tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to setup an integration to eBoss using the idibu v3 Chrome Extension and CRM Handoff plugins.

1. Install and setup the Chrome Extension

Download and install the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Store. Further instructions can be found here.

Go to the settings menu > Chrome extension:

Ask your idibu Account Manager for the eBoss configuration URL, and copy/paste it in this field:

Click ADD, and then click the SAVE SETTINGS button on the bottom right - you should see eBoss is now installed as the CRM.

Now every user in your account, when they install the Chrome Extension, will automatically have eBoss pre-configured (i.e. they do not need to do this, as the admin you have set this up account-wide).

2. Install and configure the CRM handoff plugin

Go to the  Manage Plugins page in your v3 account, and click the Activate button next to CRM handoff.

When the plugin has been activated, click the idibu logo at the top of the page to return to the main system. Now click the Settings menu, and go to "CRM handoff".

Choose eBoss from the dropdown:

You will see a list of settings appear. First fill out the login credentials to allow idibu to talk to your eBoss system.

The Username and Password will be the admin credentials to login to your idibu system.

The domain will be the 'subdomain' part of your eBoss instance, for example if your eBoss url is  https://example.recruits-online.com, then please enter "example" in the Domain field.

Now you have some configuration options to define how idibu sends information back to your eBoss account.

Force new vacancies to be created from CRM only

This will stop users adding vacancies inside idibu, making eBoss and idibu out of sync. Instead the flow to add a vacancy is to add it in eBoss first, it gets sync'd across to idibu via the Chrome extension, and this means the vacancies inside idibu will always be in sync to your CRM jobs.

Sync vacancy notes in idibu to CRM vacancy notes

Every time you add a note, or any of our plugins add notes to the vacancy, we'll sync this into the Job notes inside eBoss too.

Sync all new candidates in idibu into CRM always

If you enable this, then EVERY candidate that gets added to idibu (after they pass through the ATS  Traffic Light System) will get sync'd across into eBoss.

Only add candidates to CRM with this status

This option allows you to set one ATS status such as "Shortlist" that acts as the trigger to send the candidate into the eBoss system. You can easily add a custom status such as "Send to eBoss" and assign the action to this status which will make it clearer for your consultants.

Sync candidate notes in idibu to CRM candidate notes

This will means all candidate notes, whether added manually or via other idibu plugins such as 2Way SMS, will all be sync'd into the relevant eBoss candidate to keep all the data inside the Recruitment CRM.

Click SAVE SETTINGS at the bottom:

Now test your CRM handoff is working by checking candidates sync across as well as notes.

For a visual overview of how you can now use the Chrome Extension with CRM Handoff for the full 360 integration experience, watch this video:

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