How to integrate your web-based (SaaS) CRM with idibu v3

If you have a web-based CRM, we can integrate the idibu services into your system.

We have different ways to do this, but this article covers using the  Chrome extension with the CRM Handoff plugins to create a 360 integration.

An example of how this will work can be seen in this  eBoss demonstration.

For the work to be completed, you must supply us first with:

  1. A test account including API access
  2. The required API services to allow us to hand back candidate and other data into your CRM

API calls (required)

The following API endpoints are required in order for us to complete the work:

  • Authorization endpoint (login/password, can be other technique)
  • Candidate duplicate checking (using identifiers such as email address to check for candidates that already exist)
  • Add new candidate
  • Update candidate
  • Upload candidate cv/file (can be mixed with endpoints above)
  • Add candidate notes

API calls (optional)

The following API endpoint is optional but would allow us to provide the optimal user experience:

  • Add vacancy/job notes

Please note - we cannot begin work until all of the required API calls are provided.

To add the required integration to the Chrome extension, this will be evaluated by the idibu tech team, but is typically an easy process that will require no development from the CRM provider.

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