Bulk import of candidates

You can bulk import legacy candidate into idibu from any source to create custom candidate profile records. As well as populating your local Talent pool search system, you can optionally add historical files and attachments as well as any legacy notes.

You will find XLS file templates to work with below. We will take these files from you, and will add them to the system, with the import taking a strict workflow:

  1. Add Candidates basic profile information including their searchable CVs for local Talent pool search if you would like to
  2. Add notes to any candidate records you have created
  3. Add files/documents to any candidate records you have created

You'll need to provide all of the data in Excel format using the file templates below. To provide us with Documents and CVs the easiest thing to do is to ZIP them up into one file and provide us with a link to download this file - we can then unzip it on our servers for faster processing.

1. Adding your Candidates


Points to note:

  • You will see the field "CV", in it is a URL for our system to grab the relevant file from. Now you may provide us with a ZIP file of these files, and we can reference them on our server. But you will have to make sure you use a unique CV filename here so we know which file to grab.
  • You can also see "CV Filename" - this is what the document will be called after it is uploaded

This uploaded CV will achieve a few things: It will be attached to the candidates profile record, the data gets parsed and is used to create the CV preview page in their profile, plus the parsed data is referenced by the local Talent pool search. So its worth doing if you can.

2. Adding notes to Candidates


Points to note:

  • "Cand Uniq ID" determines which candidate the note gets added to
  • "Note Uniq ID" keep it unique - if you decide to upload the notes again for some reason, this is the only way the system knows how to update which notes!
  • Notes "Type" field - leave it as the default "received" value

3. Adding files/documents to Candidates 


Points to note:

  •  "Cand Uniq ID" refers to the unique ID of the candidate you are adding the file to
  • "Doc Uniq ID" keep it unique - if you decide to upload the files again for some reason, this is the only way the system knows how to update which files!
  • The "Url" tells our system where to get the file from, the "Filename" defines the filename :) !
  • Leave type as "Document"


By using this import system you are required to understand and take responsibility to provide completely unique identifiers for all candidates, files names, and other references found in the templates. By not using unique ID's you will overwrite your database and create an incorrect data import, overwriting candidates and adding the wrong files to the wrong candidates - creating major problems in your database. If you do this, the idibu team will do its best to help you out, but will have to charge you for the time taken to recover your data.

So please keep those IDs unique!

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