How to use the eploy and idibu integration

The integration between eploy and idibu allows you to push vacancy data from eploy into idibu with the click of a button. You can then use any of the idibu sourcing tools (such as advert multiposting and local search to name a couple) with all activity attached to the vacancy.

Furthermore, depending on how you choose to work with both idibu and eploy, you can also send candidate CVs into eploy from idibu. These can be candidates who have applied to the adverts posted, you found in local search or those passive candidates nurtured in your idibu talent pools. 

Sending eploy vacancy details into idibu

In order to use the integration, you will need to work from a google chrome browser and have downloaded the idibu chrome extension

1. Log into your eploy account and navigate to your vacancies page

2. Create your new vacancy as normal, or if the vacancy is created then select the vacancy you wish to send to idibu.

3. Click the 'Details' tab and wait for the information to load

4. Once the details have loaded, you will see that the 'id' icon on your chrome browser (the idibu extension) has now turned white. 

5. Click the 'id' icon and idibu will pull through your vacancy details and send them into your idibu account. This will only take a few seconds.

6. Once the vacancy has been imported you will see the idibu vacancy overview page appear in the window. 

7. If you want to go straight to this vacancy inside idibu, just click any of the options you see in the window.

8. idibu will then load in a new tab on the page you selected. From here you can post advertssearch the local talent pool or take any other action from the options available in the vacancy overview page

Sending candidate CVs from idibu to eploy

Although currently it isn't possible to send details such as candidate notes from idibu into eploy, we are able to configure your set up so that a candidate record can be created in eploy from the CV. 

This is done from the ATS area of your vacancy inside idibu.

Because we have a light and flexible ATS built in, it's very easy to set up a new status(s) you use to progress candidates through your own bespoke workflow until you are ready to send them to eploy. When we set up your idibu account we can allocate a status of your choosing to act as a trigger to send the candidate CV data into eploy.

This is how it works:

1. Inside idibu, navigate to the vacancy candidates from either a) within the vacancy, or b) from the vacancy list.



2. Scroll to the candidates you wish to forward into eploy under their current ATS status. 

3. To forward an individual candidate into eploy, click on the ATS status under their name and then select the 'trigger' status - in the example below we've called this 'Forward to eploy'

4. To select multiple candidates, click on the grey tick to the right of their name, or next to the status title if you want to move all the candidates in that status.

5. At the top of the ATS page, you will now see an option to 'assign status'

6. Click here and select the trigger status.

7. Whether actioning one or several candidates, the candidate record will then be allocated against that status inside idibu and the CVs sent into eploy.

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