GDPR - What happens when a candidate clicks "unsubscribe"?

When a candidate clicks ‘unsubscribe’ on one of the automated emails sent from your idibu account they will be taken to the following page:

When they tick ‘Unsubscribe me from emails and SMS messages’ and then click ‘Save’:

  • They will be unsubscribed from any future mail generated by the candidate engagement suite.
  • They will also be excluded from any mail which is attempted to be sent using the integrated email tool and messages sent via our integrated SMS messaging service.
  • If your candidate changes their mind, they can use the same link to reverse this choice. If they apply to another one of your adverts in future, then they will also be opted back in to receiving communication from you. This will also be recorded in the notes on their candidate record for your reference.

The candidate's communication, or 'Comms status' is always recorded in their profile page.

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