How can we integrate idibu into our CRM?

We're always open to discussing a new integration. In fact, we see partnering with other businesses as critical in order to provide the best possible service to our mutual clients. 

When we released our latest version of idibu we focused on:

  1. CRMs being able to integrate with us quickly and cleanly.
  2. A format that meant any updates we made to the product, were received by all CRM users straight away - with no amendment to the existing integration required. 

However, you're not restricted to our latest platform. We also have other options up our sleeve to integrate our core posting tools. It really depends on your needs and the market you are targeting, whether it be agency or inhouse.

To open up a discussion regarding your interest and needs, email and specify you are interested in a CRM integration. 

We'll put you in contact with someone from our product and commercial teams. 

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