Adding a static apply URL

If you wish to redirect your applicants to a specific website or career page link in order to apply, you can add a static apply URL to your idibu account.

There are two ways in which this works:

  1. You can add your website URL as a "base" to which idibu would then automatically add the ID of each job you are posting (example: However, please note this will require some work by your web developers. This is to ensure your website can "understand" the ID parameter we will send, and redirect the applicant to the correct advert.
  2. Alternatively you can go with the automated solution that we offer.  In this scenario, we would provide you with the static URL.
Speak to our support team or your account manager if you are unsure as to which option is best for you. 

To add a static apply URL

1. Go to settings > system settings.

2. In the general tab, click the toggle switch next to 'Specify a static application page URL for job applicants'.

3. Add your URL in the field that appears.

4. Click 'Save Settings' in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

5. A warning message will appear at the top of your browser. Click OK to proceed.

Preventing accidental removal during posting

Because we also provide you with the option to add a custom apply URL during the posting process, the static URL you have added will always appear in this field - as we're using the same tools. To prevent a user from accidentally removing or editing this URL during the posting process, you can hide this field in the user permission settings.

1. You can manage this with individual users by accessing their record in the normal way [link to article], and tick the box next to 'Hide application URL' in the 'Core Permissions' panel on the right.

2. You can also use the bulk permission management feature to select all users, and then add this permission.

Common questions

How do I ensure the candidate is redirected to the correct advert on my website?

Choosing one of the options outlined at the start of this article, and working with us to implement your chosen method will ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Can I add source tracking so I know where the candidate applied from?

Yes, we can facilitate source tracking, even though the applicant is redirected to apply outside of the job board. This article provides further context as to how we would set this up on the back end of your account.

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