How to activate bulk applicant actions

By default, your idibu account is set to only allow bulk actions against candidate who are outside of the 'Applicant' status. This is to ensure that applicants are reviewed properly and progressed accordingly to the next stage of the process. 

However, we also understand that in some markets, for example high volume, it is beneficial to be able to also perform bulk actions against applicants such as processing them into another ATS status, sending an email, SMS, tagging or adding to a talent pool.

Activating multiple applicant processing

1. Go to 'settings' and click on 'system settings'

2. In the 'general' tab, click the toggle button next to 'Activate bulk applicant actions' so it turns green.

3. Click save settings at the bottom of the page.

Your users will now be able to select multiple applicants, and then choose the action they require, just as with any other ATS status:

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