idibu and Indeed

This is a brief summary of Indeed's technical relationship with idibu, and should help to address some related FAQ's..


How does job posting from idibu to Indeed actually work?

1. Any idibu client can subscribe to Indeed, and all jobs posted there are added to an 'upload' file that is hosted by idibu, and processed by Indeed.

2. Indeed process (or scan) this file 4x daily in order to find and publish newly posted roles.  

Currently, Indeed uploads ads every six hours (following times in GMT):





3. Indeed will only publish 'sponsored' jobs from the file (unless you have any other agreement direct with them). In other words, unless you have arranged and discussed with Indeed which jobs you want to be sponsored in advance, then your jobs won't be published on Indeed's website.

4. Indeed do not publish 'free' (sometimes called 'organic') jobs by default, i.e any jobs added to the file that haven't been sponsored by Indeed

5. Indeed identify client's jobs in the shared file by looking for the unique job reference (added when posting) and 'Company Name'. The Company Name can be set as required on the Indeed 'settings' page within your idibu account to ensure it exactly matches (to the letter and case-sensitive) with whatever Indeed have listed in their own database.

For example, if your company is called 'Top-End Recruitment', this has to match exactly with your Indeed account.. Variations such as 'Top End Rec', or 'Top end Recruitment' (i.e different cases, missing hyphen) will not be recognised by Indeed and your jobs will not be picked up. 

This is the biggest reason for 'missing jobs', so please check this field very carefully in the event of any such issues.


Why can't I find my jobs on Indeed?

1. Are your ads definitely sponsored by Indeed?

2. If they are, when were they posted? They may not have been processed by Indeed yet..

3. Are you using unique job references? If not, then some job boards (including Indeed) may not process your jobs correctly, as the reference should always be a unique identifier. Multiple jobs with the same reference (such as the user's initials, for e.g) can often lead to complications.

4.  Is the 'Company Name' on your Indeed settings page (in idibu) identical to that on your Indeed account?

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