How to release the redacted data from CV-Library when searching

As standard, when you search on CV-Library you can access a copy of the candidate CV but with key information redacted.

The benefits of this is that you can review more of the candidate's work history, skills and experience before deciding whether to obtain the complete CV data and use a search credit. 

However, we understand that in some markets, being able to review the complete data on the CV as soon as possible is the most important thing, even if that does mean using more search credits. 

Therefore, if this is required you can amend your CV library user settings by appending '|full previews' to the end of the user's email address. So, '' would become '|full previews'.


Do think carefully before making this change. This is very likely to cause a large spike in your credit usage, so we only recommend making this change if you feel there will be a significant benefit which justifies the increase in credits used.

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