Integrated email - 'Client not Authenticated'

Integrated email  - 'Client not Authenticated' error

This can be a common error when when trying to an send email using idibu's integrated email tool, if your own mailbox is not already configured to allow us to send emails on your behalf.

If that's the case you'll encounter the the following pop-up when you hit the 'Send Email' button.

This message is generated by your own mailserver as opposed to idibu. It's just being displayed in our interface, because in this scenario idibu is acting as your email client (instead of Gmail, Outlook etc)

In most cases it can be resolved by enabling the authentication from our platform, if it's not already configured on yours. To do that, simply access 'Settings' > 'Integrated email', and scroll down to the bottom. Then make sure the 'Use outgoing authentication' boxed is ticked (see below):

That's it..! Then try sending the email again..

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