How to ensure all vacancies are created and synced via Jobscience

When you open idibu inside your Jobscience vacancy, we automatically create a matching idibu vacancy in the background. This vacancy will house all the adverts posted, and all the applications returned. 

Consequently, this means we are able to ensure all the applicants your forward from idibu into your Jobscience vacancy will appear there.

However, if a vacancy is created directly inside idibu, even with the same title and reference as a vacancy inside Jobscience, this connection will not exist. The connection can only be made via the syncing process.

How to prevent vacancies being created directly in idibu

1. Go to settings > CRM Handoff

2. Tick the option labelled ‘force new vacancies to be created from CRM only’.

3. Click 'save settings'.

4. Thereafter, if the create vacancy button is ticked, idibu will automatically redirect the user to Jobscience in a new browser tab.

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