Release 3.5.5

Release date 12.01.23

Improved error messaging on the job board selection page

When following the posting process, if any essential job board fields are left incomplete then an error message is triggered when you try to post the advert. However, this error message always appeared above the job board icons:

We realised that this was causing a problem for many of you, because having clicked the 'Post Adverts' button, you were kept in that area of the page and were not able to see the error message unless you happened to scroll up.

This was particularly problematic for those of you using idibu inside your CRM system, where often you wouldn't be able to see the highlighted fields with the error either.

So, we've improved this...

Now when you click 'Post Adverts' the error message will be displayed below the job board icons, and you will be taken to the first board that has information missing:

If you work with idibu inside your CRM system, the error message will appear immediately below the navigation bar:

Linkedin Jobs

Although released prior to Christmas, we also wanted to remind account administrators that following the rebrand of Linkedin Premium Job Slots to Linkedin Jobs, there is now a new method of account connection. Prior to the 13th January, the steps in this article need to be followed for your idibu account to post successfully to Linkedin Jobs. 


ASAP start date logic: An issue was identified with the selection of 'ASAP' as a start date when posting which caused that day's date to be posted. This has now been fixed and improved. Where supported, job boards will now display ASAP rather than a date.

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