Why did the SMS received by a candidate not display a reply number?

You may find instances where you send a SMS message to a candidate and they report that there is no number to reply to. For example the message is seen to be from "SMS" or some other sender.

This often happens when you send a message internationally, to a mobile that is not registered in the same country as the SMS number you have registered with your idibu v3 account.

Unfortunately this is something outside of our control.  We use market leading SMS providers, but the decision to display or hide these numbers is decided by the mobile carriers and is completely outside of their or our control.

However, sending messages to phones registered in the same country as your SMS number should work fine!

If you are sending a message that includes numbers outside of your country, the next best thing is to be clear who is sending the message in the text you write, and provide alternate contact details.

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