Prioritising your vacancies

From inside the vacancies tab, it's very easy to prioritise and organise your vacancies. You can do this flexibly and dynamically in whatever way works best for you.

If you want to watch a video of this in action, click here.

Status view

You can easily toggle between working with your active vacancies and those which are archived or placed, simply by clicking the drop down arrow under 'view status'.

Prioritising your vacancies

You can change the order of your vacancy list simply by clicking the 'sort vacancies' drop down. Doing this allows you to toggle between listing the vacancies by date added or alphabetically.

To prioritise your vacancies in a more dynamic sense that's bespoke to your needs, we have some additional tools in place:

Firstly, you can create and allocate specific tags to your vacancies. This operates in exactly the same way as tagging your candidates and will then allow you to filter your candidates based on the tags you have added. It's a completely flexible system allowing you to organise your vacancies in any way you wish. 

For example, you might wish to filter by vacancy type or client name. But it's entirely up to you and there are no limits.

To do so, simply click on the drop down arrow underneath 'filter by tag'.

Your vacancy list will then be filtered by the tag selected.

Secondly, you can click the heart icon to favourite any vacancy you want to push to the top of your priority list.

Finally, you we've also built in a dynamic KPI system. This works in conjunction with the vacancy ATS, allowing you to prioritise your vacancies based on progress to date. For example, in the screenshot below, we can see we have filled 1 of the 2 posts against the vacancy, and have fulfilled 1 of the 3 shortlist slots.

Fast navigation

Each vacancy listed has quick links so you can go directly to the area of the vacancy you need to without having to open the vacancy overview page.

For example, clicking on the 'Apps' or 'Candidates' button will open up both the candidates tab and ATS, exclusively filtered to that vacancy.

...or clicking 'Details' which will take you to the information you added when you first created the vacancy.

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