Uploading candidates

This article will show you how to upload candidates directly into idibu. You'll be able add candidates individually, or add multiple candidates all in one go. 

Uploading directly into idibu from the candidates page

To create a new candidate directly from inside idibu, go to the candidates tab and click 'Add new candidate'. 

A blank candidate record will open up, and if required you have the option of typing details directly into the fields to create a record.

However, a much faster method is to click 'Auto create profile from CV'.

This opens up access to your folders, whether they be stored locally or in a cloud based system such as dropbox. Go to the relevant folder, click on the required CV then click 'Open'.

Within a few seconds, the data will be parsed from the CV and populated in the fields of your new candidate record. To save the record click 'SAVE PROFILE'

Uploading single or multiple CVs from email

Inside idibu we have a great tool called CV drop. This allows you to forward CVs directly from your inbox into your idibu account. When the CVs land in idibu, they are parsed in exactly the same way as above.

Each user has their own CV drop address which means any candidates you upload will be attributed to you by name.

To find your CV drop address, go to 'Account settings' and click 'Your profile and maildrop info'.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see your unique CV drop address listed there. You can add it to your email address book or simply copy and paste it into an email.

You can now create an email and add multiple CVs in one go. You have no restriction other than the amount of data your email provider will allow you to send in one mail.

Or, if a candidate has sent you their CV directly, you can forward their email to idibu and create a candidate record for them.

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