Adding team members and colleagues to a vacancy

Whether you're working on a new vacancy or an existing vacancy, you'll sometimes want to share the vacancy details with a team member or colleague.

In this article we'll show you how to do this with just a few clicks. 

Adding team members

1. If you are entering the vacancy from the vacancy list, click the vacancy title.

This takes you through to the vacancy overview page. This is also the page you are taken to when you have just added a brand new vacancy.

2. On the vacancy overview page, click the drop down arrow next to 'Team' on the right hand side of the page.

3. All your colleagues and team members will be listed here. Simply click on the team member(s) you wish to add, or a specific team to add everyone who is part of that team.

4. Anyone you have added will be notified by email, and they will now be able to see your vacancy in their own vacancy list. 

5. Should you or they need to remove their details from the vacancy at any point, simply click the 'X' next to the name of the team member.

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