Adding candidate custom fields

One of idibu's flexible features is the ability to create custom fields for your candidate records. If you are using our application page feature, you can map applicant answers directly into these fields. 

These fields are global, and with a few simple steps, you can create and tailor them to your needs.

Creating custom fields

As custom fields are global for all candidate records in your account, you can create these fields from any candidate record.
1. Open your candidate record on the profile page. Click the small 'edit' button next to the candidate's name.

If you are working with idibu inside your CRM, click here:

This opens the candidate record in full edit mode. 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the 'custom fields' section. Click 'Add or remove custom fields'.

3. You'll be taken into the custom field edit area, and will see an option to 'Add custom field...'

4. Type in the name of the field you wish to add. Click the green tick that appears on the right to save your new field.

5. A new field will appear below, and you can repeat the above process to add multiple custom fields.

6. If you are adding multiple fields, you can use the square 'slider' icons on the right to change the order of your fields. 
Simply click and hold over the icon to drag and drop a field into a new position.

7. When you are happy with the fields you have added and their order, click 'Save custom fields'.

8. You will be taken back to the main candidate record which will still be in edit mode. Click 'Save profile' to complete the process.

Editing and removing custom fields

You can edit or remove custom fields by accessing this area again on any candidate record.
1. To edit a field, click on the text inside the field you wish to edit. You can now amend the text as required.

2. To remove a field, click on the field text and you will see a red X appear on the right. Click the X and the field will be removed.

3. Click 'Save custom fields' when you have finished.

If you are working with application pages and would like to know more about mapping the answers given by your candidate to your custom fields, our setting up application pages article explains this in more detail.

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