Setting up landing pages

Landing pages are where applicants can be directed when they click "apply" on the website you advertise your vacancies.

It is an easy and powerful tool that allows you to style up your own application forms, include your own branding, candidate screening questions, videos and more!

How to get started? If not already, ask your account manager to set you up on your idibu account. 

Then, you can access the landing pages by clicking: Account settings > Landing pages

Once inside landing pages, create one by clicking "Create new page":
Name your page and start adding questions, dropdowns and fields by selecting the field type and then "Add new field":

Once you are finished, click "Save page"..

.. and it's done!

Your new landing page may look something like this:

You can also tie in your landing page question answers to your custom fields in candidate's records! For example, you can create a custom field "Can work in UK" (click here to find out how) and a dropdown field "Are you eligible to work in UK" with Yes or No answers on your landing page. You can connect those two when creating a new field:

When your applicant replies to this question when applying, the answer will be held in his candidate record:

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