Setting up landing pages: Getting started

Our landing page tool enables you to create bespoke application pages. When posting an advert, your users can select one of these pages to create a customised application process.

In this article we will look at:

  1. Creating a new landing page
  2. Adding different types of fields
  3. Previewing your pages
  4. Archiving, copying and editing landing pages

(NB: In order to create or edit landing pages, you will need to be an idibu account administrator or have the relevant user permission.)

Creating a new landing page

1. Inside idibu go to 'settings' then select 'landing pages'.

2. If the landing page tab states 'Account not set up', then contact your idibu account manager in the first instance (Landing pages are an enhanced product feature, so you may need to purchase this option for your account). 

3. Click 'Create new page' 

4. Your landing page will automatically be given the title 'New landing page'. To change this, hover over the text and click edit. You can now change update this to something more relevant to your needs.

5. A text editor will open allowing you to rename your landing page.

6. Hit 'enter' to save the name of your page

You are now ready to start building out your landing page.

Adding different types of fields

There are three different types of field you can add to your landing page:

  1. Question fields
  2. Description fields
  3. Document upload buttons

In this section we will describe each in more detail, and how you can customise the order of the fields you create.

Question fields

It's very likely that question fields will form the main part of the landing pages you create. There are several different types of question format you can use, from text fields to multiple choice. There are also different options available such as the candidate being required to answer the question, or being rejected at application stage based on an answer they have given. 

We've created a separate article explaining all of these options and question set up in more detail.

Tell me more about question fields...

Description fields

These can be inserted anywhere in the landing page and are designed to provide your candidate with further information. For example, you might with to insert a description field before a question to provide more context to that question. Alternatively, you might want to use such a field to inform the candidate how you intend to use their data, and provide a link to your privacy policy.

To add a Description field:

1. Click the drop down arrow next to 'Add a new field'.

2. Select 'Description field' from the drop down list.

3. The description field editor will open.

4. You can now insert your text, and modify as required using the bold, underline and italic text edit features.

5. You can also add a URL link into this area. This is particularly useful for directing candidates to important information such as your privacy policy. Highlight the text you would like to link and click on the link icon in the top right corner.

...A popup window will open allowing you to paste in your full URL and then click insert.

6. When you are ready, click 'Save field' and you will be returned to the landing page setup area.

Document upload button

By default a landing page will ask a candidate to upload their CV. However, there might be other documents you would like them to provide such as a cover letter or a copy of a license. We've therefore added a custom document upload button. Any documents added by the candidate will be attached to their record.

To add a Document upload button:

1. Click the drop down arrow next to 'Add a new field'.

2. Select 'Document upload' from the drop down list.

3. The button label field will open, and you can now insert the text you wish to appear on the button, e.g. 'Upload cover letter'.

4. Click 'Save field' to save your upload button, and you will be returned to the landing page setup area.

Changing the order of your fields

Having created your questions, description fields and/or upload buttons, you can arrange the order of these fields in any way you wish. 

Simply click and hold your mouse arrow over the square slider icons on the right to drag and drop your fields into different positions:

Previewing your landing pages

1. To preview your landing page, simply click the 'Preview' button in the right hand panel.

2. A preview version of your landing page will appear in a new tab on your browser. Note that the screenshot below is the most basic version - without any branding or enhancements!

3. Note that where 'Apply:' is written at the top, this is where your advert title will appear. In the preview, we simply use the name of your page.

4. The panel on the right is populated with some sample text on the preview, but for a live advert, this is where the advert reference and description will appear as a reminder for your candidate. This area can also be populated with a promotional video and company logo using our theme building features.

Can we change the look and feel of the page, so that it is more consistent with our branding?

Absolutely! This is one of the key features and benefits of the idibu landing page tools. Creating bespoke themes is easy to do, and we walk you through this step by step in a separate article.

Archiving, copying and editing landing pages

1. Inside the landing page settings area, you will find all of your active pages listed on the first tab.

2. To archive, copy or edit an existing landing page at any time, simply click the option required for the page in question.

3. You can also activate or edit an archived page from those listed under 'Archived landing pages'.

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