Setting up application pages: Different question types

In this article we will talk through all the different types of questions you can use inside your application pages, and how to set them up. 

  1. Adding questions to your application page
  2. Different question types
  3. Adding text field and text area questions
  4. Adding dropdown, radio button and text area questions
  5. Video questions
  6. Changing the order of your questions

Adding questions to your application page

1. Underneath 'Application page fields' click the drop down arrow next to 'Add new field'

2. In the drop down list that appears, click 'Question field' and a sub-list will appear with all the different question types you can choose from:

Different question types

Here's a brief overview of the different question types you can choose from:

Text field and Textarea 

These allow you to ask a question to which the candidate can freely type their answer. Text fields are smaller than text areas, but you can define the character limit for either.

Dropdown, Radio buttons, and Checkboxes 

These are different types of multi-select questions. You set the alternative answers the candidate can choose from, and they select their preference.

Video questions 

These are available as an upgraded service. They allow you to provide a text question to the candidate, and a time limit for the candidate to record and submit a video answer. (Answers to video questions will be permanently logged against the candidate record for review at any time).

Selecting the question type

1. To select the question type, simply select the question type you require from the list, e.g. 'Text field'

2. You will now be taken into the text editing field.  

We'll now walk you through the different steps for setting up each question type...

Adding text field and text area questions

1. The 'Label' field is where you type the question text

2. The 'Limit' field is where you define the number of characters the candidate can type in their answer. Note that 'Text field' questions have a smaller limit than 'Text area' questions.

3. Candidate field map is where you can select one of your custom candidate fields to populate with the candidates answer. If you do not select this option, then the candidate answer will still be recorded and accessible inside the candidate notes.

4. The 'Required' option when ticked, makes the question mandatory for the candidate to answer.

5. Click 'Save field' to save your question.

Adding dropdown, radio button, and checkbox questions


If you are undecided which is most appropriate for your needs and target market, keep in mind that radio buttons and check boxes tend to be easier for candidates to use on mobile or tablet.

1. The same rules as above apply here with regard to the 'label', 'candidate field map' and 'required' options:

2. Below you will see an area marked 'Options'.  This is where you define the options you want the candidate to select from answering your question. Here the 'label' field is where you type the answer the candidate will see.

3. Use the 'add row' button to add multiple answers.

4. If you want to reject a candidate at application stage based on one of these answers, then tick the 'reject' box next to the answer that will trigger the rejection. If you are using this option, we would strongly recommend activating the auto-rejection email in your candidate engagement settings.

5. Click 'Save field' to save your question.

Video questions

If you have subscribed to our video questions service, you can also select this option from the drop down list of questions too.


If you don't see video questions as an option in the drop down list, then you've not subscribed to this service. Contact your account manager if you would like to know more about adding video questions to your account.

1. Having selected 'video' from the questions list, type the question you want the candidate to answer into the 'label' field.

2. Click on the 'video time limit' drop down and select the amount of time you wish to give the candidate for them to answer the question via video.

3. Click 'Save field' to save your question.

Changing the order of your questions

Having added your bespoke questions, you can also change the order of these questions by using the square slider icons on the right. Simply click and hold to move the icon and position of your question. You can also distribute them as required between other upload buttons and description fields you've added.

At any time, click 'Save page' to save your changes.

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