Candidate engagement suite: Settings

The settings defined in the engagement suite are global, and will be applied to every email which is sent.

In this article we’ll talk you through each section of the settings tab so you can configure this area to your needs:

  1. Candidate happiness reporting
  2. Email signature
  3. Email footer
  4. Saving your settings

Candidate happiness reporting

At the top of the page is the option to enable or disable the candidate happiness reporting.

This is an entirely optional feature that appears at the bottom of the email sent to your candidate, allowing them to rate your reply.  

This data in turn feeds into the candidate engagement reporting dashboard, giving you a global overview as to how your messages are regarded by the candidates receiving them. This is how that area will look inside your account before this option is activated:

Email signature

This is where you insert the parameters you would like to include as email signature text. The parameters draw data directly from the applicable user record, so we data variables for this setting.

To remove and existing variable, simply delete the text from the field.

To insert or replace a variable, click ‘add message variable’ button. You can then click on the required variable from the drop down list that appears.

In this area you can insert a permanent footer text that will appear on every email sent by the engagement suite.

As the engagement messages always contain an ‘unsubscribe’ button, it’s a good idea to use this area to reassure your candidate as to how you intend to work with their data. For this reason, when you click into this field to add your text, you will be given a number of text editor options, including the option to provide website links.

You can therefore use this feature to provide a link to your data policy, or any other information you feel it would be important for your candidates to have access to.

Saving your settings

When you have updated your settings area, click 'Save settings' at the bottom of the page.

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