Candidate engagement suite: The different message types

The candidate engagement suite offers you many different message types, triggered automatically based on specific conditions and parameters. In this article we explain each type of message in detail:

  1. Autoresponder messages
  2. Application received for vacancy
  3. Candidate vacancy status is changed to…
  4. No communication with candidate for...
  5. Active in vacancy, not rejected, not updated for…
  6. Vacancy has been closed, candidate still active
  7. Vacancy has been closed, applicant is unactioned

Autoresponder messages

These are the most popular messages used in the engagement suite. By default, on every account there are three autoresponder messages set up and pre-configured. 

Each message is applied to the green, amber and red traffic light, and is designed to automatically inform the candidate of the status of their application depending on which traffic light action is selected.

As autoresponders are default on every account, so they cannot be deleted. However, as with any engagement message, they can be deactivated at any time. You can also edit and tailor the messages to your bespoke requirements. Take a look at this article to understand more about autoresponder messages.

"Application received for vacancy"

Similar to the autoresponder messages, the ‘application received…’ message is triggered as soon as the application appears in your idibu account.

It is not dependent on any further action, and just serves to reassure the candidate that their application has been received.

"Candidate vacancy status is changed to…"

If you progress a candidate within the vacancy, it can be useful to send further automated messages at later stages in the process. We therefore introduced this message type which you can tailor and set to be triggered when a candidate is allocated a specific ATS status inside the vacancy. Furthermore, you can set up multiple messages for different ATS statuses.

To select the status you want to use as the trigger, click the drop down on the right and select the status from the list that appears:

"No communication with candidate for…"


We would only recommend using this message type if you are using idibu as a stand alone product - that is, not integrated with a CRM or other system you are forwarding candidates into from idibu. This is because once the candidate has been passed to another system, we recommend all communication is subsequently controlled and managed from there.

If you are using idibu as a standalone system, you might find it useful to set up this type of message for candidates you have talent pooled and wish to send a contact message to after a specific period of time.

To select the time period, click the drop down on the right and select the period you prefer:

You can furthermore refine the target group of candidates by selecting either candidate tags, or a specific user's talent pool. 

"Active in vacancy, not rejected, not updated for…"

These messages allow you to update candidates within your vacancies that remain open, but where no update has been made to their record for a specified time period. 


Again, we’d only recommend this message was implemented if you are working with idibu as a stand alone product. Otherwise, if you are using idibu inside a CRM, then candidates will receive this update after you have forwarded them to your CRM and started working with them there. This is likely to cause confusion, and mixed messages being sent via two separate systems.

Click the drop down on the right to select the number of days without candidate update that will trigger this message:

"Vacancy has been closed, candidate still active…"

This message is perfect if you want to ensure that any candidates who were reviewed and partially taken through your ATS process, are updated when the vacancy is closed. In other words, anyone who's status has not been changed to 'placed' in the idibu vacancy. 

The vacancy is defined as closed when the status is changed from 'active' to 'archived' or 'placed' in the right hand panel of the overview page:



"Vacancy has been closed, applicant is unactioned"

This is a separate message option designed to update unactioned applicants when a vacancy is closed. An unactioned applicant is any candidate who is sitting under the 'Applicants' status in the ATS listing, with the traffic light buttons showing underneath their name:

Having a separate message for unactioned applicants means you can tailor a different response to those who have already been taken part way through the process.

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