Setting up and editing auto-responders

Auto-responders allow your users to send automated messages to applicants when they apply and are processed by your users. 

These feature is an automatic confirmation sent to the applicant when they apply, then follow up messages sent when a user processes the application. These follow up messages can be set up against any of the three traffic light actions used to process an application inside the ATS. 

Each responder template contains a standard default message, but we'd strongly advise reviewing and editing these before activating any responders on your account.

  1. How to access your auto-responder messages
  2. How to review and edit your auto-responder messages
  3. How to activate your auto-responder messages
  4. Reviewing auto-responder statistics
  5. Common questions

How to access your auto-responder messages

1. Click on 'Settings'.

2. Click on 'Candidate engagement' from the drop down list that appears.

3. When you have entered the Candidate Engagement area you will see the Autoresponder message options listed at the top of this page.

How to review and edit your auto-responder messages

1. To access the Auto-responder details, click the title of the Autoresponder that's in blue text. 

2. The page will automatically open at step 1 of the message set up - However, steps 1 to 3 will already be populated with all the right details, so just click 'edit' on the right hand side of step 4: "Write your message"

3. You will see that this has already been pre-populated with a basic default message (or of course, any message you have already edited and created here).

4. The system defaults to provide details of the user who is the vacancy owner, but should you wish to you could change this to another option by clicking the drop down. Keep in mind though, that this will be the default for all responses sent to every application. The alternative options are:

  • The advert owner (the user marked as sender when the advert is posted)
  • The user who actions (that being the person who processes the candidate using one of the traffic light buttons)
  • A specific user (should you wish all responses to come from one specific or generic profile)

5. When editing the text within the message, the text you see within these brackets '{   }' shouldn't be altered. This is because it is designed to pull through key details like the vacancy title and the individual candidate's name from the system. Outside of that, then you can edit the text as you wish

6. The signatory details will be as per your selection in the 'From' drop down - either the vacancy owner or the individual you selected for all. The information will be taken from the details populated in their user account, and the fields shown are set in the candidate engagement settings tab.

7. If you are subscribed to the full candidate engagement suite, then data collected from the rating replies will populate in the Engagement Reporting dashboard. (If you do not wish to use this feature, then you can deactivate it in the candidate engagement settings tab).

8. When you have finished, click the green 'Done' button in the top right corner

How to activate your auto-responder messages

In the 'active' column, you can toggle the switch to activate and de-activate each autoresponder message. If the switch is red then the responder is deactivated. If it is green, it is active.

Reviewing auto-responder statistics

You can monitor the success of your candidate engagement through your Autoresponders with the stats collated against your messages.

If you are concerned about the performance of a message then you can either edit it, or for more comparative analysis, deactivate it and create a brand new one from scratch. That means you can compare the success of the new message against the old.

Common questions

Is it possible to add auto-responders for specific user groups and subgroups?

Yes, this article takes you through the steps to set up group and subgroup level auto-responders.

Is it possible to deactivate and activate auto-responders for specific vacancies?

No, the responders are global for all vacancies on the account.

Can candidates reply to auto-responder messages?

Yes, if a candidate replies to the auto-responder, their email will be sent to the applicable user's email address.

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