Auto-responder messages

If you have auto-responders set up on your account, an automatic email will be sent to the candidate when you perform any of the three traffic light actions you use to process your applicants:


Keep on file


*NB - some accounts have 'Reject' completely disabled on the account. To find out more, speak to your account administrator. 

See the linked article for more details on applicant handling, but to briefly summarise, these buttons only appear against candidates when they are listed as applicants in the ATS of the vacancy they applied to.

How autoresponders work

The benefit of autoresponders is that they allow you to both improve and automate the candidate experience simultaneously. You don't even need to approve the email. It is set up by your account administrator**, and the message is tailored to the action you take when you use one of the three buttons above. So you need do nothing else. 

**When autoresponders are activated, we provide default messages which are appropriate to the action, but we recommend the account administrator reviews and tailors these in line with your communication and candidate engagement policy. Speak to your account administrator if you would like to know more information about the wording of your autoresponder messages.

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