Applicant handling

Having used our multiposting tool to post out your adverts, all of your applications will be directed straight into idibu. You will be alerted to this, and can access them at any time inside the ATS of your vacancy.

This means you can easily review and action all your applications in one place, but it also means you're able to capture every candidate inside idibu.

Applicant handling

There are a couple of ways you will be alerted to new applications coming through. 

1. You'll be able to see new applications have arrived at any time by clicking onto the vacancies tab. Vacancies with new applications against them will have a green star in the left corner and a new '...App(s)' button will appear.

2. Furthermore, you can change the order of your vacancies so that those with new applications appear first in your vacancy page.  Click the drop down arrow beneath 'sort vacancies' and select 'Applicants (Desc)'.

3. You'll also be alerted to new applications by default via a notification email. This will include the candidate's CV details in the email text (saving the need to open any attachments) and the action buttons you will see later in this article. 

How can I add and remove applicant notifications?

Managing and reviewing applicants inside the ATS

You can access your applicants in the ATS of a specific vacancy in two ways:

Firstly from the vacancy list by clicking the blue '...Apps' button...

...and secondly from inside the vacancy by clicking 'View candidates'.

Reviewing your applicants

Using either method above will open the Candidates tab filtered to your vacancy. In other words, you will only see candidates listed now who are attached to that vacancy.

1. If the ATS mode is not swiched on, the click the red button next to 'ATS' on the right.

2. Your applicants will be listed at the top and you can review their details by clicking their name to review their full profile page...

...or when you hover with your mouse arrow over the candidate, the option to click 'CV' appears under their name. 

Clicking this will take you directly to the candidate's CV preview tab which will display the candidate's original CV.

Want to know more about reviewing CVs?

3. Having reviewed the candidate's details, you can take one of three actions in the traffic light system to process their application. This can be done either from inside the candidate's record...

...or from the applicant list in the ATS. (You can also do this from your email notifications).

The traffic light actions

1. If you wish to progress their application, click the green tick icon and select the next stage of the ATS you would like to move them to e.g. 'New'. 

TIP: This will also mean that they are retained in the wider candidate pool and be searchable for all users.

2. If the candidate is not suitable for the role but someone that you wish to retain in your talent bank, then click the yellow + icon. They will be moved to 'Keep on file' in the ATS, but still be searchable inside idibu for both you and all your colleagues, just as with the green progress action.

3. If you have assessed that the candidate is not suitable for your role, and you wish to reject them, click the red 'x' icon. 


Depending on how your account is configured for all users, the rejected candidate will either be deleted or retained. This article explains these options in more detail.


Depending on your account package, you can also use Autoresponder messages. These will be sent to the candidates automatically when you conduct one of the three actions above, and the message is tailored accordingly. 

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