Choosing Your Preferred Workflow for Rejected Applicants

We now provide two workflow options when rejecting applicants via the red traffic light button.

Option 1: Reject and Delete

This is in place by default on all idibu accounts. When an applicant is rejected using the red traffic light button, their record will be deleted.
However, if they already existed as a candidate in idibu prior to that application, then their record will not be deleted. This article provides more information about this scenario.
To check that this workflow is in place on your account, go to 'Settings' > 'System settings' > 'General'.
If ‘Delete candidates who are rejected via the red traffic light button‘ is activated, then this workflow is in place.

Option 2: Reject and Keep

Alternatively, if you do not wish to delete any applications via the red rejection button you can disable this by switching the setting off as shown below:
With this setting disabled any rejected applicants will be retained in idibu and their details can be found listed in the rejected area:

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