What happens when an existing candidate is rejected using the red traffic light button?

Under normal circumstances, the red rejection traffic light not only rejects the candidate from the vacancy they have applied to, but deletes them from your account as well. However, if that candidate already exists in idibu e.g. via a previous application, then the record is protected from deletion when they are rejected. 

The rejection workflow for existing candidates

1. When you reject an existing candidate using the red traffic light button, their details will still disappear from the main candidates page while the ATS is switched on.

2. The candidate is still logged against the vacancy however, but listed under the 'rejected' area of the ATS. Unlike records which did not previously exist and are totally removed, we display their name details.

The candidate record will still be:

1. Included in the results of any future local search queries that match the candidates experience

2. Searchable using the quick search feature

3. Fully visible inside the vacancy when ATS mode is switched off

In this view mode, if the record is accessed the status against their name will be marked as 'Rejected', but the status cannot be changed.

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