How to Review the Details of Rejected Candidates

Sometimes you might want to refer back to the details of a candidate who’s application was rejected from the vacancy. 
To do this, go to the candidates tab of your idibu vacancy and click on the ‘Rejected’ link:
You will see all of the rejected records listed there. 
Any candidates that have records in idibu will be listed by name. Click on their name to review the record.

To return to the candidate list again...

i. in idibu standalone click on the vacancy title link above the candidate record:
ii. If you are working inside your CRM, click the candidates icon:

Why are some candidates listed as ‘Deleted Applicant?

The default setting for rejecting applicants in idibu is to delete the candidate record. However, if the candidate already existed in idibu then their record will not be deleted and their name will appear in the rejected list.


An alternative workflow is available where no candidate records are deleted when their application is rejected. This article provides more detail as to how this can be set up on your account for all users.

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