Reviewing CVs

Reviewing a candidate's skills and experience is really fast and easy inside idibu. 

We recognise how important it is when first review a CV, not just to see the data within, but how the candidate has presented that data. This in itself gives you so much subtle information about the candidate, which forms a more holisitic picture of the match. 

However, downloading a CV from any system to do this can waste valuable seconds - seconds that cost money when you need to work quickly!

Therefore, we've created a CV tab which displays the candidate's CV in full within the system.

Furthermore, just to the right you'll find the 'Export' tab. This allows you to export the candidate's CV data into a customised CV template of your chosing. 

How do I set up and use the CV export tool?

However, another advantage of this page is that our CV parsing tool will also populate the 'Key skills' area automatically. This gives you an additional layer of data to inform your matching, along with any available links to the candidate's professional social profiles. 

So all in all, you have both the means to review quickly, and the means to dive deeper so your matching skills become second to none.

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