Multi-posting your vacancy adverts

One of the key features of idibu is the ability to post your vacancy adverts to multiple job boards and social sources in one posting action.

Every applicant received via any of these channels will appear in the candidate area (ATS) of your vacancy. 

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Multi-posting your vacancy adverts

1. From any page inside your vacancy click 'RECRUITING OPTIONS', then click 'Post out adverts'.

2. All the information you added to the vacancy details page will automatically be pulled through to the posting page. This makes it faster and easier to turn your core vacancy information into an advert without you having to start from scratch. You can edit any of the details as needed in this area.

3. Having tailored your advert text there are a few other tools available in this area which you might want to utilise:

Post at a date and time of your choosing

You can choose whether you want to post your advert 'Now' or at a specific date and time by clicking the blue text button next to 'Send ads:' in the top right hand corner:

Select the date and use the time sliders to choose precisely when you would like your advert to go live across the destinations you select at the next stage.

Post on behalf of a colleague

If you have the relevant permissions, you can post the advert in the name of a colleague so that the application alerts are directed to them. This is particularly useful when covering for someone who is on holiday or off sick.

Go to the top left of the page and your name will be displayed. Click this and select your colleagues name from the dropdown list instead.

Activate an idibu custom landing page

If you are subscribed to our landing page service then you can you can select one of your custom landing pages in this area as well (or change the one that you pre-selected in the vacancy details page if required at the last minute).

Add a custom apply URL

Whether a subscriber to our landing page service or not, you can also use the tick box to add a custom apply URL (visibility of this feature will depend on the set up of your account).

4. When you are happy with your edits and selections in this page, scroll to the bottom and click 'Choose posting destinations'.

5. Select the boards you wish to post to by clicking on the board icon. You can also adjust the posting period using the drop down on each board.

NB: If you cannot see the board you wish to post to, speak to your administrator or your idibu account manager. We are integrated with over 1200 boards and social sources.

6. In order for your advert to successfully post, there may be some additional mandatory fields which the board requires you to complete. 

7. You also have the option to open and complete any non-mandatory fields which the board provides. Simply tick 'Show non-required fields'.

8. When you are ready, click 'POST ADVERTS' at the bottom of the page.

9. A new 'Adverts' tab will be created in your vacancy and display the status of the adverts you've just posted. Initially the adverts will say 'Pending'... 

...but with most boards, the status will be confirmed as live in a short space of time.

NB: If there is an error with the posting you will be notified by email but there will also be an error alert here. If you click on the error icon it will give you further details of what went wrong - for example, not have enough credits available with the job board you selected.

10. To access this page at any time, either click the 'Adverts' tab when working inside the vacancy...

...or, from the vacancy tab, click the 'Ad(s)' button against the relevant vacancy.

From this page you can delete or repost your adverts very easily.

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