Ad Manager 2.0: Introduction and overview

Welcome to Ad Manager 2.0 for idibu V3

This new product replaces the old Ad Manager plug in which was previously accessed via the Home page, and offers many new features. It also replaces the adverts page previously housed inside each vacancy. You will still be able to view all related adverts for your vacancy using the same tab, only now the new Ad Manager page will open pre-filtered to that vacancy.

What's more, if you are using idibu inside your CRM, the full functionality of Ad Manager 2.0 will be available for you there:


As mentioned already, the new Ad Manager boasts many new features to improve your ability to manage your adverts, individually or in bulk. 

So much so that we’ve given it pride of place at the top of the page, with its own ‘Adverts’ tab

In this article we will provide you with a general overview, with links to our more detailed articles outlined these features and workflows in depth. 

So let’s take a look at each area in a bit more detail.

Filter bar

The filter bar at the top of the page is your control hub for finding and filtering all of your adverts

By default, when no filters are in place, the Ad Manager page will display all your posted adverts. The filter bar then allows you to quickly and efficiently change the adverts displayed here, by status, sender, posting date, expiry date, job board and vacancy.

Search field

On the right hand side of the filter bar / control panel / control bar, the search field is a free text box allowing you to search for a specific advert by title or reference. You can however, also open the Adverts page in a vacancy specific view

Changing the advert order

Operating independently of the filter controls above, the ‘order by’ feature allows you to control the way in which your adverts are displayed on the page. It works in the same way with or without other filter criteria selected, and allows you to display your adverts in order of posting date or title. 

Advert panel

Closed view:

Expanded view:

This is one of the new features we’re particularly excited about. We’ve now grouped all posting data for a particular vacancy into a single advert panel, providing a clearer and more transparent view of your posting activity. We’ve introduced a quick view button, to gain a full preview of the advert text and criteria posted, full posting history, and improved the reposting and deletion features. There’s a lot to talk about here, so take a look at our article breaking this down for you in detail

Something important to mention: If you are using Ad Blocker on your browser, you’ll need to pause or disable it for the Ad Manager page, when accessing via the main tab or from a vacancy. If you are clicking on either of these options and nothing is happening, or the page hangs, then this is the first thing to check.

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