Ad Manager 2.0: Vacancy specific view

Often you’ll want to quickly see all of the adverts posted for a specific vacancy. There are two ways you can do this, either directly from the vacancy itself, or using the free text search box.

Accessing adverts from within the vacancy

From your CRM:

If you are working with idibu inside your CRM, then simply hit the Adverts icon as usual. 

From idibu standalone:

If you don't use idibu inside a CRM, then follow the following steps.

1. From inside your vacancy, click the adverts button.

2. The Adverts tab will open at the top of the screen, and Ad Manager will automatically filter to vacancy specific view.

This means that only the adverts relating to this specific vacancy will be displayed. 

3. To remove the vacancy filter from the Ad Manager page, navigate to the top of the page and you will see the vacancy filter panel. Click the x to remove the filter.

Ad manager will now default to standard view, with all your live adverts displayed.

Accessing adverts via the Search field

Whether you are working with idibu inside your CRM, or use idibu directly on your browser, Ad Manager 2.0 allows you to quickly and efficiently search for a specific advert by title or reference.

If you have opened the adverts tab and are using Ad Manager already, then you don’t need to leave this page. You can simply use the search field to search for the vacancy’s advert(s) by title or reference. 

1. Click on the search field and start typing in the advert title or reference you are looking for. 

2. As you type, matching results will be returned in a drop down list below. You may therefore see the advert you are looking for without typing all the details, but this may be necessary if you have a large number of similarly titled adverts. 

Notice that we provide the option to select an individual advert posting, or all those listed under a matching vacancy title or reference - as indicated on the right hand side of the drop down.

3. Click on the advert you are looking for from the list and the Ad Manager will filter to display your advert(s)

4. The vacancy filter appears at the top of the page, and you can clear this by clicking on the X at the right of the panel.

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