Ad Manager 2.0: Checking the posting history of an advert

When an advert has been posted to multiple destinations, you can review all of these by expanding the advert panel. 

However, sometimes, you might need to check some further details regarding the posting history, especially if there has been a lot of posting activity.  You can do this easily by accessing the history function.

Checking the posting history

1. Click on the Action button of your advert.

2. Select ‘View history’ from the drop down list.

3. A new ‘History’ window will open, giving you the full posting history for your advert.

4. All of the activity is listed by date, grouped in easy to view panels. Within each panel you can see all data relating to the posting destination, the user who the advert was posted against, time of posting and the status of the posting outcome (success, pending or failure).

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