Ad Manager 2.0: Searching by reference or title

Sometimes you’ll need to find a specific advert or group of adverts with a specific title or reference, or perhaps with matching keywords in the title. 

That’s why we’ve introduced a free text search field in the right hand corner of the filter bar.

Using the search field

1. Start typing in your advert title or reference

2. As you type, matching results will begin listing below. 

Notice that we provide the option to select an individual advert posting, or all those listed under a matching vacancy title or reference - as indicated on the right hand side of the drop down.

3. Simply click on the advert you are looking for from this list, to display it in the ad manager page.

4. Alternatively, if you can’t quite remember the exact details, you can type the information you do know into the search field, then click on the search button or hit return. All matching results will then be filtered in the ad manager page.

4. To clear your search result(s), click the X on the filter block, or type a new search criteria into the search field.

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