Ad Manager 2.0: Removing live adverts

Although with nearly all job boards, your adverts will expire naturally, we understand that once a vacancy has been filled, it’s best practice to remove all related live adverts from your boards. 

You can do this very easily inside Ad Manager using the ‘delete’ function, with boards and posting destinations that support this service.*

(*While we look to facilitate this with every integration, some boards and social destinations are not configured to allow us to do this).

Using 'Delete' to close your live adverts

1. Find the advert you require, either by opening the adverts tab from your vacancy or using the search/filter options on the Ad Manager filter bar.

(Note: Similar to ‘Quick repost’, you can select multiple adverts for deletion if required.)

2. If you wish to remove the postings for your advert from all of the destinations where the advert is still live, then use the global selection box in the top left of the advert panel.

3. If you only wish to delete the advert from selected destinations, then expand the advert panel using the arrow on the right...

...and use the tick boxe(s) to select the required advert(s).

4. Click the pink 'Actions' button and select ‘Delete’ from the drop down list.

Note that if you are deleting multiple adverts from multiple destinations, then you can simply click on any Action button in the list, and complete the deletion process for all.

5. A warning message will appear at the top of the page confirming the selected advert(s) and destination(s). To proceed, click ‘OK’ and your adverts will be removed from the boards (where supported).

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