Reposting your adverts

Having posted out a vacancy advert to a selection of your job board and social sources, you may wish re repost the advert again in the future. 

This might be because the advert had expired, needs editing, or you just wish to post the same advert to a different board or source.


Regarding editing live adverts: Some job boards allow existing adverts to be edited through the reposting process. For a limited period, they may not charge another credit for this. However, if you are unsure if these points apply to a specific job board, then seek further advice internally or from the job board team.

Keep in mind that 'reposting' is different to 'posting a new advert' from your vacancy.

In this article we'll show you how to repost your existing adverts, including making any edits to improve your response. 

Reposting your adverts

There are two types of reposting options you can choose from:

  1. Repost
  2. Quick repost

Furthermore, when 'Quick reposting' you can:


‘Repost’ is the best option to select when you want to edit any aspect of the advert text during the reposting process, or if you want to change some board specific details. 

For example, you might want to change how the board categorises the advert, select a premium posting or change the duration of the posting. You may also want to post to a job board or social destination not previously selected.

To 'repost' your advert

1. Having found the advert you require click pink the action button on the right

2. Select ‘Repost’ from the drop down list.

3. The advert edit page will open, displaying the text details as previously posted. You can now make any required edits or move straight to the next stage, to select your posting destinations. 


Remember that when you're selecting your posting destinations, you can also select destinations that the advert wasn't previously posted to.

Quick repost

‘Quick repost’ is as it sounds - the fastest way to repost your advert(s). It is the perfect option to use when you don’t wish to edit the advert or posting durations. 

It is also perfect when you want to repost multiple adverts to all or some selected destinations they were previously posted to.

To 'quick repost' a single advert

1. If you are quick reposting a single advert, then either click the global selection box in the top left of the panel (to quick post to all previous destinations)...

...or expand the advert panel and select specific destination(s).

2. Click the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Quick repost’.

3. A message will appear at the top of the page confirming the advert and posting destination(s) you have selected. Click ‘Continue’ and your advert will be posted to the destination(s).

To 'quick repost' multiple adverts

1. Remember, you may find this most efficient if you have already filtered the adverts page using the criteria that best matches the adverts required. 

You can now work your way through the list of results, selecting the adverts you wish to quick repost.

2. You can do this by either using the global selection boxes on each advert panel (to post to every destination the advert was previously posted to), or by expanding the advert panel and selecting specific destinations.

3. Once you have completed your selections, you simply click the nearest Action button in the adverts list, and select ‘Quick repost’.

4. A message will appear at the top of the page confirming the adverts and destinations you are about to quick repost to. To proceed, click ‘OK’ and your adverts will be added to the posting queue.


To avoid wasting posting credits with your boards, only use this feature for adverts you are sure you want to repost without edits.

Pending adverts

Any adverts you have reposted will be labelled as pending until their posting has been confirmed as successful.


If you have used our advance posting service (allowing you to post at a specific date and time in the future) then your adverts will be marked as pending until they go live after this point. If you wish to check the date that an advance posting is scheduled for, click on the actions button and open the history panel.

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