The difference between using our 'repost' and 'post a new advert' tools

Once you've posted your initial advert, you have a couple of options available if you later need to post again from the same vacancy.

You can either 'Repost' your advert, or you can choose to 'Post a new advert'.


This is the same workflow whether you are using idibu as a stand alone product, or embedded inside your CRM. Note that inside your CRM, we've abbreviated 'Post a new advert' to 'Post'/'Post new'.

The majority of the time it's most appropriate to 'Repost' your advert. However, on some occasions you might prefer to 'Post a new advert'. 

In this article we'll explain:

  1. When to 'Repost'
  2. When to use 'Post a new advert'
  3. How to post a new advert

When to 'Repost'

As mentioned above, the majority of the time this is the most appropriate option. 

'Reposting' is the method you should use when:

  • The advert has expired.
  • The advert needs editing - if the job board supports that. 
  • Or you just need to post the same advert to a different board or source.

We also have two kinds of reposting: 

  1. 'Quick repost': This is when you want to send the same advert, without any edits to exactly the same job boards/social sources.
  2. 'Repost': This is where you want to make some edits to improve your response, choose different job boards/social sources to post to, etc.

This step-by-step guide, tells you how to repost using both methods.

When to use 'Post a new advert'

Having posted one version of the advert from your vacancy already, occasionally you might need to post another advert which is distinctly different from the first. 


This option will automatically create a new and unique vacancy reference. This option is therefore not suitable for scenarios where you simply want to post the same advert again or edit it at a later date. Doing so can cause additional credits to be used unintentionally with your job board. 

In this scenario you should use the repost method outlined above.

Let's look at a couple of examples where 'Post a new advert' would be preferable to using 'Repost':

Example 1: You have a position which could be based in either of two locations (A & B). To maximise your response, you might feel it's worth using two posting credits/slots with your job board(s) to post an advert for each location. 

In this scenario you would post your first advert with location A as normal. Then you would use the 'Post a new advert' feature to post a second advert on the same boards - but with a new reference number and specifying location B. 

Example 2: Another scenario might be where you need to use two different job titles. This is because you know both are used widely by employers and candidates alike. Therefore you want to ensure you attract candidates who will be searching for either title. 

How to 'Post a new advert'

1. From inside your vacancy click 'Recruiting options'.

2. You will see that the 'Post out adverts' button we display when no adverts have been posted, has now changed to 'Post a new advert'. 

3. Click 'Post a new advert' and then follow the usual posting process. During this process you can make edits such as location, title, etc as required.

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