Ad Manager 2.0: Advert panel

The advert panel is the home of all the data regarding the adverts posted to date, and any follow up actions you wish to take. 

In this article we'll cover:

  1. The layout of the advert panel
  2. The advert panel functions
  3. The 'Action' button in more detail

The layout of the advert panel

Along the top of the main advert panel area you will see the advert title, reference, and the text view button. 

Clicking the text view button allows you to view the text as it was posted to the destinations listed.

Also along the top row you'll see the number of new applicants (those awaiting review and action) and the total number of applicants to date.


These figures may be different to the number of candidate records on your vacancy. This is because we count every application made here, so you have clarity as to job board activity. If a candidate applies more than once to your advert, we will only ever display the single candidate record in the vacancy.

At the top of the smaller panel on the right, you will see the main action button - more on this later.

A feature connected to the action button is the global tick box in the top left corner. This enables you to select all the posting destinations without expanding the panel.

In the middle of the advert panel, you will see the location and salary range. You will also see the advert owner (the person who posted the advert, or who’s name the advert was posted in, and the date of posting.


For posting in advance (to go live at a later date/time), the creation date shown here will match the date the posting process was actioned, until the advert is live. Once the advert is live, this field will be updated. If you have an advance posting scheduled, you can check the date it is due to go live in the history panel

Along the bottom of the main panel you will see the advert expiry date. Note that as the advert was most likely posted to multiple destinations, the expiry date may differ between those destinations. Therefore the date displayed here reflects the board with the latest expiry date.

To the right you will see the live/expired advert indicator. If advert is still live on one or more of the job boards, then you'll see that number displayed here. For example, in the screen shot below 2 out of 3 postings are still live:

The indicator is green when any posting is still live for that advert. When all postings have expired, the indicator turns grey.

At the bottom of the small panel on the right is the expansion button. This opens the advert view and allows you to see full details of the most recent posting destinations.

The advert panel functions

Clicking the vacancy title will open the vacancy that the advert was posted from.


This function is not relevant if you are using idibu inside your CRM.

Text view

The text view button will open a pop-up window which displays the full advert text that was posted most recently.



Click anywhere outside the pop-up to close this window.

Expanding the advert panel

The advert expansion button opens up the advert panel into expanded view: 

Expanded view displays all the destinations the advert has been posted to, together with the posting and expiry dates.

Advert data

You can also see how the total applications for the advert are broken down by destination.

Where supported by the job board, we will also provide a 'Live' view button so you can also review the actual posting as they are displaying it. 

If the advert is live, but this feature is not supported by the job board's API at this time, then we display this icon: 

Expired adverts are indicated in the list accordingly:

And Deleted adverts are indicated as follows:


Down the left hand side of the list you will see a tick box against each destination. 

These allow you to select specific posting destinations when using the Action button.

If you want to action all of the destinations then just tick the global selection box in the top left corner of the advert panel.

The 'Action' button in more detail

This is probably the feature you will find yourself using the most. It’s where you’ll either Repost or Quick Repost jobs you wish to continue to advertise.

You can also view the full history of your advert’s posting to each destination.

If you no longer wish to advertise the posted job on all or selected destinations, then you can use the ‘Delete’ button to close the selected postings


Unfortunately it isn’t possible for us to provide this service for every posting destination. Wherever we can, we do - but some destinations don’t have the necessary connection features we need. However, if this is the case you can always manage the removal of adverts by logging directly into your job board account

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