Posting an advert from your CRM

One of the key features of idibu is the ability to post your vacancy adverts to multiple job boards and social sources in one posting action.

Every candidate application from any of these channels will appear in your idibu account. Depending on your account set up, you can either sift and progress them to your CRM using our traffic light system, or send all applications directly into your CRM. 

If you want to know more about your account set up, then speak to your idibu account administrator.

Multi-posting your vacancy adverts

1. Having added your vacancy to your CRM, click the 'idibu' icon to sync the vacancy details with idibu, or open them if already synced.

2. If the idibu 'fast post process' has been configured on your account, then the posting page described in step 3 will open straight away. 

If not, your idibu home page will open and you just need to click either...

i. 'Post':

ii. ...Or if you see 'Attract' here, click the 'Attract' button and select 'Post out adverts'.

3. idibu automatically pulls all the relevant details from your vacancy into the advertising page. You now have the option of editing these details, or going straight to choosing your posting destinations.

4. Select the boards you wish to post to...

...and complete any mandatory fields which the board requires. 

5. You also have the option to open any complete any non-required fields which the board provides (these are optional fields, but not essential for your advert to post live). Simply tick 'Show non-required fields'.

6. When you are ready, click 'Post adverts'.

7. A new 'Adverts' page will be created, and will display the status of the adverts posted against your vacancy. From here you can either  repost the advert with, or without changes, or delete when required. 

8. To access the 'Adverts' page at any time, click the 'Adverts' icon on the  navigation bar.

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