Using the idibu navigation bar inside your CRM

When you activate idibu from a vacancy inside your CRM, you'll see the idibu navigation bar in the top left hand corner.

From the navigation bar you can access all the key areas of idibu with a few simple clicks. 

A breakdown of the icons

The 'Post' button is where you go to multi-post your vacancy advert out to all your job boards, careers pages and social sources:

Don't see 'Post' but see 'Attract' instead?

Depending on how your account has been set up, you may see an 'Attract' button instead of 'Post'. This button provides a drop down list of options, the first one being 'Post an advert' which works exactly in the same way as the 'Post' button described above.

The advert icon only appears after you have posted your first advert(s). Thereafter, you can use this icon to manage and repost these adverts:

The candidate icon is where you click to view all the idibu candidates associated with the vacancy:

The 'id' icon is the home page. Whenever you want to return to the idibu vacancy home page, just click the 'id' icon. The 'home' page is defined by your account administrator in your account settings:

Optional extra feature

The search icon allows you to search all the candidate inside your idibu talent pool, and with our Remote Search plugin you can search your job boards too. (You may or may not see this icon on your account depending on how your account has been set up and the products purchased.):

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