Switching to fast posting inside your CRM

If you have been working with idibu for a while and want to switch to Fast posting, or just make sure you have this in place, then you can do so in a few simple steps.

NB: This change will be global for every user, and can only be done if you have Administrator status on your account.

Switching to Fast Posting

1. Open your idibu account and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System settings’

2. Click the ‘CRM’ tab

3. For the fast posting workflow to be fully enabled, disable both the analytics dashboard and the attract button by clicking the green buttons on the left. They will then turn red.

If the buttons next to these options are red, then they are already disabled:

3. If the dashboard was set as your Home page, then Candidates will become your default home page:  

4. You can change this to Ad Manager if you prefer by clicking the drop down list.

5. Click ‘SAVE SETTINGS’ to save your changes.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that deactivating the dashboard will mean that this can no longer be accessed by any of your users via the ID button inside the CRM. The ID button will redirect your users to the designated home page.

If you wish to speed up your existing workflow, but keep the dashboard in place, then the best option for you might be to disable the ‘Attract’ button. This means you strike the middle ground by working from within the dashboard, but can initiate posting with one click. You can find more details regarding the available options here.

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