Engagement reporting

Now, with all the great setup work you've done, after a little while you will be ready to review the results of you efforts! idibu offers two kinds of reporting

1. Email Reporting

This basically shows you the how many messages from our system were sent, how many of them were opened by the candidates and how many of them were replied to.

We then take this a step further with our Engagement reporting...

2. Engagement reporting

The engagement reporting can be accessed from the "Insights and reports" section of idibu:

Clicking 'Engagement' opens the following page:

Let's break it down!

To start, please remember that, like with any idibu report, you can filter your data by specific date range and consultants: You can find those filters in the upper right hand corner of the page:

At the moment you can report on a maximum of 1 month period.

Let's look at the top block:

This block tells you:

  • How many candidates were approached in the provided time span and what percentage of you overall talent pool is that
  • How many candidates used the profile check in widget and how many people of all that were sent a profile check in link is that
  • How many email/sms were sent and the open and reply ratio (only reply ratio for sms)

Now, the middle block - the happiness score:

This block reports on the candidate happiness score and is provided using candidate happiness widget. Your happiness score is all your "great" scores minus the "not good" ones. This reporting allows you to monitor the quality of your candidate communication and indicates the success of your engagement strategy.

And finally, the bottom block:

That reports on the work happiness and desire for change on your talent pool. This data is gathered using candidate profile check-ins. This allows you to monitor your talent pool's work happiness and desire for change, and you can use the date parameters to monitor changes. A global change in the desire for change can further indicate the success of your engagement campaign. It can also give you market place feedback as to how candidates are feeling and behaving due to external factors such as economic or political change. In turn, this can help inform your overall business strategy.

Remember, as part of our development strategy we also plan to feed this information into candidate records on an individual level - thus giving you invaluable data about the individual candidates who are ready for change!

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