Recruitment reporting - email download and watchdogs

We know that sometimes you'll want to download reports in a CSV/excel format so you can really crunch some data, or forward on within the business. 

Within idibu we have an extensive range of reports you can download by emailing them to yourself or a colleague. You can even set these up as watchdogs, so they are automatically emailed to you at the frequency of your choosing.

We've detailed below how to access the reporting and generate both the reports and watchdogs. Want more detail re the reports available? Click this link for a full breakdown of each report plus a downloadable example!

Email reporting - download to excel

1. Click 'Settings' then 'Insights and reports'

2. Click 'Email reporting' then 'Download report' in the bar on the right

3. Select the 'Report type'

4. You can then select the report(s) you require from the drop down list under 'Select report(s)'

5. Next you can select the date range, users, and job boards as applicable

6. Your email address will automatically be populated, so when finished, simply click 'Download report'


1. When you have clicked 'Email reporting' in step 2 above, this time click 'Create watchdog'

2. Follow the same steps as above with each of the drop downs, only at the last stage set your watchdog frequency by clicking the drop down list under 'Send report(s) every'

3. When you are happy with everything, click 'Save watchdog'

Can't access the reports area?

Contact your company idibu account administrator to discuss further.

Top tip! Want to see a breakdown of activity by ATS stage? Download the 'Aptrack Status Analysis' report from within the 'Activity' selection.

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