Using the idibu digital footprint feature inside your CRM

When a candidate is added to idibu, you can also attach any publicly available social profiles that add value to the candidate record. 

This means that you can get a more holistic view of your candidate by having, for example, their linkedin profile or professional twitter feed linked to their record.

When should I use this?

Deciding how and when to use this feature will largely depend on your internal policies, particularly with regard to legitimate interest. As we only retain one record for a candidate inside idibu, if a profile is added then the candidate is forwarded to your CRM - that profile will then be available to view when the candidate applies to another position in future. That being said, we expect this feature really will add most value to people who use idibu to: 

  1. Prescreen candidates before forwarding to their CRM (in order to maintain stricter data quality in the CRM).
  2. Use idibu as a secondary talent pool in support of their CRM.

Adding profiles

You can also add profiles manually for a very wide range of social networks. 

1. If no social networks are currently connected you will see a grey icon with a white '+' sign in the middle. Click this icon.

...Or, if some connected networks exist already, then hover over the social icons with your mouse and click the 'edit' button to the left.

2. Select the network you require from the drop down list and click 'Add new'.

3. Paste in the URL for your candidate's social profile.

4. Then simply click anywhere on the profile page to close the pop up and your new profile will automatically be saved.

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