Allocating administration rights to users

If you are an administrator of the account you can allocate administration rights and permissions to other users. You can allocate either full or partial admin rights by following the steps below.

To allocate admin rights

1. Click on 'Settings' and then click on 'Users & permissions' from the drop down list that appears.

2. Click on the name of the user you wish to allocate permissions to. This will take you into the user record.

3. You now have two options available at the bottom area of the user record. You can either:

i. Allocate total administration rights to the user by ticking the box next to 'Make this user an administrator'...

ii. ...or alternatively, you can allocate selective permissions from the list of options available under 'Admin permissions' in the right hand panel. Simply tick the options you wish to allocate.

NB there are a couple of important points worth mentioning on this second option:

To give you as much flexibility as possible, we've separated the options to create and edit users. Therefore, clicking 'Can create users' doesn't give permission by default to edit existing user records. Similarly, permission to edit user records does not by default give permission to create users. You can allocate permission to do either or both as you see fit.

We have also separated the options to view the reporting dashboards, and run reports which are delivered by email as a downloaded csv file. In order to run reports however, you need to be able to access the reporting dashboard. So when 'Can run reports' is selected, 'Can view reporting and insights' is also selected by default. 

If 'Can view reporting and insights' is deselected, 'Can view reporting...' will also be deselected UNLESS this option had already been selected and previously saved prior to when the option to run reports was allocated.

3. When you are happy with the options selected and changes made to the user record, scroll back to the top and click 'Update user'.

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