GDPR - Removing a candidate from your idibu account (Right to be forgotten)

If you need to remove a candidate completely from your idibu account, then there is a very simple process to follow.

This article covers:

Finding the candidate record

  • You can use the search bar in the top right of the page to search for a candidate by name, email or telephone number.
  • We use email as the primary method for preventing duplicate records being created when applications are created. However, keep in mind that sometimes you may occasionally find that there is more than one record for a particular candidate, perhaps because a second was input manually or the email could not be parsed from the CV.
  • If a candidate contacts you to exercise their right to be forgotten (as per the European GDPR legislation), then we recommend using email as the primary method to search for and find your candidate. If no records emerge, then you can also search based on phone number and the name of your candidate. We would also recommend obtaining as much information as you can from the candidate when they make the request, such as alternative email addresses, phone numbers or address details they may have used in the past. This means you can ensure finding and removing all records that may be held.

Removing a candidate from your idibu account

1. Search for your candidate by typing their email address into the search box. As you type, you may see a number of records appear in the drop down list below.

2. This list will reduce as you type in more information.

3. If no records appear, then try on alternative email if you have it, or switch to typing their phone number or name. Note, their phone number may be formatted in different ways depending on how it was input into the candidate record.

4. When you have found the record in question, in the drop down list, simply click on the candidate's name

5. You will be taken to their profile page

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the right hand panel you will see the option to either merge or delete the record.


If you do not see the option to 'Delete record', then you don't have permission to remove a candidate record. Contact the Administrator of your account to discuss this further.

7. Click 'Delete record'

8. A pop up message will appear to ask if you are sure you want to delete the record as this process CANNOT be reversed in any circumstances.

9. If you are happy to proceed, click ‘Delete record’ and the candidate will be removed from your account.

Removing multiple occurrences of a candidate

1. When you are searching for your candidate, if multiple records appear in the drop down list that look like they may relate to the candidate, then simply hit the enter/return key on your keyboard.

2. This will filter you candidate tab with all these candidates listed.

3. Click into the first record and then use the next and prev buttons to navigate through the list

4. Or if you prefer, click the ‘Search results…’ link to go back to the main list at any point.

5. As you work through the candidate records, you can delete any that require removal simply by clicking 'Delete record' in the profile page as described above.

Common questions

What if I want to systematically remove data over a specific age?

By default we will automatically remove candidate data which is older than 12 months. If you wish your candidate data to be removed automatically at an earlier point, then please contact us at and we will set this in the back end of your account. Keep in mind however that we cannot reverse and retrieve any deleted data at a later point if you wish to extend this period again.

Can I retain candidate data for longer than 12 months?

If you wish to retain candidate data automatically for longer than 12 months then contact your account manager. We are happy to consider arranging this, but reserve the right to charge for additional data storage based on the predicted data volume.

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